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Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage

The Mortgage Process

There are many questions you may wish to ask such as ‘how much can I pay up-front?’ The larger your deposit, the better the mortgage deal you will be able to find – but there are other costs to consider. Lender and broker fees, stamp duty, survey costs, insurance and legal fees can all add to the total cost of a mortgage. As well as the deposit, you should budget for around 2–3% of the property value for associated costs.

The final decision prior to actually applying for a mortgage will be whether you find a property and make an offer before searching for a mortgage, or whether you attempt to find a mortgage before making an offer on a property. There are pros and cons for each option: sellers and estate agents look more kindly upon offers from buyers who already have an ‘agreement in principle’ from a lender, whilst lenders prefer it if applicants have already found a property.

Once you have made your choices, the application can begin in earnest.

Step one – Contacting “Advance Mortgages & Protection Advisers Ltd”

Using me as your mortgage broker can be very beneficial, as it will give you access to a wide range of mortgage products. In addition, I will assess your circumstances and try to find a mortgage that fits your situation. As a Mortgage Adviser I will recommend loans based upon affordability and suitability, and will issue you with a KFI (Key Facts Illustration) for each.
This stage of the mortgage application will involve a ‘soft’ search on your credit file, so that mortgage lenders can decide if they might wish to lend to you. Because many searches in a short space of time can adversely affect your credit rating (and this stage of the application may well involve many searches), I can do this without leaving a footprint on your credit rating, called a ‘soft’ footprint.

Step two – The DIP (Decision In Principle)

The DIP, sometimes known as an agreement in principle or even mortgage in principle, is not the same as a binding agreement. The lender who has given you a DIP is essentially saying that they are likely to lend to you pending satisfactory paperwork, credit checks and valuation of the property.
Having secured a DIP, you are now in a good position to find a property and make an offer!

Step three – The formal mortgage application

Once you have made an offer on a property, you can make a formal mortgage application. If you decide to use my services I will act as the point of contact between you and your lender, smoothing the process out, chasing up any outstanding paperwork and generally hurrying the mortgage application along.
The lender will look at various criteria, including the property you wish to purchase, the amount you wish to borrow, your credit history and your employment status. Annual income and bank accounts. I will find you to the best lenders to fit your circumstances and will always try to get you the most competitive rates and best possible deals available. I will complete the application and submit it for you.

Step four – The valuation

The lender will arrange for a surveyor to conduct a valuation of your chosen property. This valuation might have an impact on the LTV (loan to value) of your mortgage – in simple terms, the proportion of the property value that you are borrowing against the proportion you are paying up front. This, in turn, may affect the interest rate or other features of the mortgage.

During this period, the lender will process the rest of your application. This will involve processing fees, chasing outstanding documents and checking all details. It is vital that each and every piece of information you put on a mortgage application is correct, as one mistake can cost you the entire mortgage. I will double check all the information provide so no mistakes are made.

Step five – The formal offer

Once the lender has finished processing your application, and they are happy with the application and valuation, they will extend a formal offer to you. If you accept, they will send a copy to your solicitor (known in property as a conveyancer or conveyancing solicitor). Meanwhile, the lender’s own conveyancer will conduct final checks on the property.
Provided both parties are happy, the exchange of contracts can take place. The funds will be sent to your conveyancer, who will conclude the transaction with the seller, and the property will finally be yours.
This is known as the completion date. The keys to your new home will change hands, and you can move in. Congratulations – you are now a home-owner!

Remember to keep an eye on your mortgage – you should strive to meet the monthly repayments by the agreed deadline, and inform your lender if your circumstances change and this becomes difficult. Also remember that new deals may crop up, and a few years down the line you may be eligible for a better rate. If this is the case, get back on the phone to “Advance Mortgages” and I will be able to help you again!

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Borrowers who opted for a two-year fixed rate at an average rate of 2.30% in May 2017 could see their interest rate more than double when moved onto the average SVR of 4.89%.
The average two-year fixed rate reached a record low of 2.20% in October 2017. The following month, the Bank of England increased the base rate (from 0.25% to 0.5%) and the average two-year fixed rate increased to 2.35% by December 2017.
The average two-year fixed rate currently stands at 2.47% – down from 2.49% last month – and, if the average SVR remains constant at 4.89%, the projected average difference in the revert rate will increase from 2.59% to 2.69% by October. This would give borrowers even more motivation to remortgage or switch their existing deal.
In January, Virgin Money highlighted that as many 750,000 borrowers would reach the end of their fixed terms in the first half of the year.
Moneyfacts spokesperson Darren Cook said: “Over the next six months, it is likely that many mortgage borrowers who secured a two-year mortgage deal two years ago may see their record low interest rate expiring and will have no intention to revert to a rate that could see their interest rate double overnight.
“For instance, a borrower on a repayment mortgage of £250,000 who locked into the average two-year fixed rate of 2.20 per cent in October 2017, if then transferred onto the predicted average lender’s SVR of 4.89 per cent in October 2019, will see their mortgage repayments increase by £4,336.20 per year with a rate increase of 2.69 per cent.
This significant increase in motivation for borrowers to switch mortgage deals, and the subsequent potential increase in remortgage business as a result, may push some mortgage lenders to marginally cut rates over the next few months to maintain a competitive edge.
The average two-year fixed rate has already fallen this month. However, this fall could be attributed to rate cuts at higher risk loan-to-value (LTV) tiers to attract first-time buyer business. It will therefore be interesting to see if the average rate falls further still as providers potentially target remortgage customers – and therefore lower LTV tiers – as we approach October.”
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Off to London to support my wife in the London landmarks half Marathon.

Go Jessica Go!!
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We are a Network of 20 Local businesses in Essex - Solicitor, IFA, Accountant, Electrician, Nutritionist etc - we operate with BNI and meet every Tuesday to exchange business referrals.

In the last year we have passed each other over 600 referrals worth over 1.2m pounds - money that may have gone elsewhere.

We have an open day on Tuesday 29th January to find out about what we do and are looking specifically for :

Plumbers Printer
Funeral Director Estate Agent.
Charity. Florist
Contractors Photographer
Decorators Personal Trainer.
IT Support Architect

If you are in a category above or know someone in one of the categories and are interested in finding out more please message me.

The cost is just £20 for breakfast and you will have a chance to pitch your business to everyone present and pass around business cards.

There is no obligation from either the Networking group of yourself to proceed if either side do not see a mutual benefit

What's to lose?
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